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To whom it may concern

My name is Scott Bruner and in December of 2006 I was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy. I was getting fire to
seven phone calls a day from creditors who were hounding me for the money I owed, but could not pay. During
this time I was led to meet Art Smith who came highly recommended for his wisdom and ability to help people in my

After talking to him, I was a little hesitant because he wanted complete access to my account. After struggling with
this idea of making myself this vulnerable, Art had some people send me an email describing how he helped them
and that I could trust him.

So one day feeling overwhelmed with the idea of being in such dyer straights, and feeling ashamed for allowing
myself to get in such debt, I felt I had no other choice but to step out in faith. I say faith, because I believe God led
me to him. It was fellow Christians that endorsed him to begin with.

So the work began. Art was sometime very demanding and stayed on me. After looking over my bank statements
and asking a lot of questions he began helping device a plan to start paying off my debt. It partially began with me
getting a second job. With the additional income and budgeting, controlled spending I began to make head way.

There times when I began to veer off course, and Art was quickly there to remind me of the end goals that we set
before us. I say we, because it was a team effort with me learning to take responsibility for my choices. In the end
if I had not done what I needed to do, it would not had mattered what advice Art gave me. I had to do the work,
change my habits and begin learning to be a person who controlled his bills, instead of the bills controlling him.

Art just didn’t keep on me when I was getting of course, but praised me when I was doing well. It’s amazing how
much one self confidence can be eroded away when you are facing people calling you and telling you how bad
you are for not paying your bills. They had all kinds of methods to try and break you down. I found that through
Art’s praise and especially encouragement when I was feeling down kept me going. After awhile using Art’s
principles in dealing with the debt collectors I not only felt empowered, confident, but began to make clear
headway in addressing the mountain that was set before me.

Things are a lot different now and the second job is all I do now. You see now I own my own business and work for
myself. Art has been working with me along the way. He is a part of this business every bit as much as I am. I know
the demands he makes on you can be challenging at times, but He knows what He is doing and just as he
requires you to take responsibility in your mess, he takes responsibility in what he does to help you.

If you are considering having him help you, I would encourage taking that very important step and allowing
someone to walk through the process with you. He can truly help you.

Scott Brunner