About Us
I graduated from Ballard High School  (Seattle
WA.) in 1957.  Went to the University of
Washington to study Electrical Engineering.  
I did not like going to College I now regret I did
not finish school.  

Went to work for an electronic firm for a few
years.  Married the lady of my life.  Barbara and
I still enjoy life together.

I did not like working for a company, shortly
after we were Married I bought a small
restaurant.  The restaurant did fairly well
however I felt trapped.  

One day one of my customers asked me if I
knew someone who could help him doing
some small construction jobs.  I had always
enjoyed carpentry, had learned many skills
from my father. I started part time working with
Benny Peterson a Swedish carpenter a master
I worked with him for several years during the
day & worked the restaurant at night.

All business need to be tracked to see how you
are doing.  Are your costs in balance with your
Ordering supplies,  book keeping, managing
the help,
The restaurant is were I first learned how to
manage a business.

Mistakes were made however I did make a

I was able to improve these skills and add to
them for the Construction industry.

I started on my own in the Construction
business doing remodeling on a small scale.  
This was a down time in Seattle people were
out of work their homes were going into
foreclosure.  The FHA owned many properties
that people just left.  I bid on many fix up
projects, working in many older homes so that
the FHA could resell the homes.  It was a great
learning experience for me.

I also started and ran a house moving company
for several years.  That is a whole story by its

At some point I took on a contract with a
company call Ernst Hardware a large company
in Seattle sub contracting Kitchen and

After about 15 years doing this type of work I
decided I would Build some houses.  

During the next 15 years I built
150 houses from the ground work to the lock in
the door.
I did all phases of the job, from the excavation
to the key in the door.  Became very skilled in
many area's

After working for about 20+ years  I realized I
was just making a living, working hard.  I was
not growing.  

It was then I knew there was more to a
business than keeping good records

You need to make a profit for the company as
well as a wage for your self.

How to price work correctly, To submit a clear
profitable bid.

I found out I knew a lot but did not know how to
succeed, how to get to the head of my peers.  

Have business come to me, without having to
spend a fortune in advertising.

Collect money due me and timely billing.

I will show you all of these skills and more
From how to balance your check book
Build your investment portfolio  
To an exit strategy when it is time for you to

I was able to retire I have a nice home and my
wife and I can do what we like to do in

I love the construction trade and being self

I have helped many people become more
proficient in business along with becoming self

Let me help you.

Your first hour of consultation is free, A good
time to talk and to see if I can help you.  You
have nothing to loose and a lifetime of your
goals to achieve.

Fill out the contact form or call me

(480) 463-5830 Please leave a message if you
get my machine I will call you back

Art Smith
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